Knitting Patterns

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Listed by date published:

Daffodil, a Jumper Cardigan from Patons
A Sensible Knitted (plus size), c 1937
A Cruising Coat
Perfect in Every Detail Bedjacket, c 1935
Geoffrey, Men's Patterned Cardigan c.1930s
Waldorf, Womens Blouse (plus size) c.1930s
Sporty Crochet Tam, c. 1936
Swagger Coat, c. 1933
Three-piece Suit and Beret, Minerva c. 1934
A Gay Cardigan, c. 1939
Cabra, Plus-Size Suit from Minerva, c. 1930s
Mexicana Topper, c. 1939
Glengarry Hat and Scarf, c 1939
Clanora Angora Top from Stitchcraft, c. 1937
Cowl Necked Raglan, c. 1935

Paris sends them to us coloured (gloves) c. 1945
It's not vulgar! (1940s top)
Dual personality twin-set
Stars and Stripes for the yachting fan (c. 1948)
 Golfing/lumber jacket
Triangle in Many Moods, a Turban
1940s Split Neck Jumper
Tally-Ho Novelty Jumper
Fuller Figure Twin Set (plus size)
Lorna Cardigan, c 1940s (plus size)
Matinee Dress, c 1940s (plus size)
Fair Isle Mittens and Beret
Bell-Stitch Jumper, Stitchcraft Jan 1944
Out-Door Charm Cardigan, c. 1940s
Buttoned for Fashion Hat, c 1945
Biscay Men's Jumper, c 1940s
All Seasons Crochet Gloves, c 1940s
Mittens for the Forces, c. 1942
Pixie Hood and Mitts for Toddler, c. 1944
A Bolero Bedjacket is Very Charming, late 1940s
Rose-Patterned Sweater, from Vogue 1947
Blackberry Stitch Shirt Blouse, c.1940s
Unusual Tartan Edged Cardigan, c. 1940s
Cotton Blouse for Autumn Days, c.1949
Diagonally Striped Cardigan, c. 1940s
Lattice Yoked Jumper (plus size), c.1940s
Lacy and Practical Cardigan (plus size), c.1943
Penelope Bow-Necked cardigan (plus size), c.1940s
Much Loved Dressing Jacket, c.1947
Cable stitch - and a touch of Angora, c. 1947
Men's Horse Head Fair Isle Vest c.1940s-1950s
Nightingale jumper, c. 1940s
Crochet Sailor cap, c.1949
Wattle Jumper from Stitchcraft, c. 1949
Ski-Train, Monarch Yarns c. 1942
Afternoon Jumper, c. 1944
Crochet Flower Posy (buttonhole), c. 1943
Crochet Brassiere from Stitchcraft c. 1945
Windbreaker Cardigan, c. 1940s
Paton Keryn angora Cardigan, c .1949
Gay and Youthful Sweater, c. 1940s
Wartime Glamour from Copleys, c. 1940s
Hooded Scarf Set, c. 1940s
Knitted Snood, c. 1940s
Tailored Chic Dress, c. 1940s
Dual-Coloured Sweater, c. 1940s
Adventurer, Men's Vest, c. 1940s
Jenny Cardigan, c. 1946
Dainty Beach Bolero, c. 1944
Cocktail Lounge Dress, c. 1940s

Marilla, 1950s Cardigan
Phyllis Bedjacket
An Elegant Suit, from Glamor Knits c.1955
A Simple White Bolero
Bewitching for Parties, A Gay Blouse
Sirdar 1741, plus size jumper
Peter-Pan Collared Cardigans (plus size)
Lady is Vamp Cardigan
A Flower Trimmed Jumper, c 1954
Carefree Jumper, Stitchcraft 1950
A Bolero for Party Wear, c 1954
Jack-Tar Sailor Jumper, Stitchcraft June 1951
Tropical Parrot Jumper, Stitchcraft June 1950
Doris Day's Jumper, c 1950s
Paris-Inspired Swing Coat, c 1953
A Useful Tweed Scarf, c 1950s
Willow patterned hot water bottle and tea cosies, c 1950s
Teardop Angora Beret, c. 1950s
Target 'Quick-to-Knit' Cardigan in three sizes
Feather and Fan Striped Jumpers (plus size), c.1950s
Fair Isle Twin Set (plus size), c. 1940s-50s

San-Remo Italian Sweater, c. 1950s
Arlene Twin set, c. 1951
Bettina Cardigan, c. 1950s
Spring Ensemble, from Stitchcraft April 1951
Tristan Striped Angora Jumper, c. 1950s
Hair-Pin Lace Stole, c. 1950s
Knitted Vest and Panties, c. 1950s
Lace Evening Shawl, c. 1950s
Shortie Gloves from Lux, c. 1951
Big Ben Bluebird Sweater, c. 1960s
Glenn, Men's Cabled Vest, c. 1950s
Tourmaline Cardigan, c. 1950s
Petal Yoke Cardigan, c. 1955
Patons 321, Angora Jumper, c. 1950s
Spring Magic, c. 1950s
Leaf Pattern Top, c. 1950s

Complete Knitting Books
Patons and Baldwins No. 98, c. 1936
Patons and Baldwins No. 33, c. 1930s
Patons and Baldwins No. 20, c. 1930s